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This article by James Merron, Siri Lamoureaux, and Irina Turner published in Filosofia Theoretica reflects on productive offshoots of indisciplinary thinking and collaboration in space sciences.

This article by James Merron, published in Roadsides, explores how the AVN telescope in the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory shapes the way space is produced, organised, and experienced.

Magnetic fields in galaxy clusters are still not well understood. This paper by James Chibueze, published in the Nature journal, explores the jets in a particular galaxy in a cluster, and how the structure of these jets can give us clues about the magnetic fields and their effects on the evolution of the galaxies and material in the cluster.


Irina Turner and Hanna Nieber summarise the activities of the second workshop “SKAnning Space from Africa” around the theme of “Becoming” (page 77)

Irina Turner reports on the preparatory activities for the second meeting, the SKAnning Space from Africa workshop in Bayreuth (page 65)

Our first workshop, Translating the SKA, attempted to bridge disciplinary gaps by bringing together natural and social scientists from Africa and Europe. Here are the lessons, insights, and translations we managed at the margins of our disciplines.


Samyukta Manikumar probes the potential of dark skies as a resource for environmental conservation and economic development.

Thoughts by Samyukta about the need for a bridge between astronomy and other disciplines, inspired by the two AOEN workshops in Ghana and Bayreuth.

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