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At the conference of the African Studies Association Germany, Siri and Hanna are convening a panel “Re-Wiring Africa: How Do Quests for Scientific Progress and for Decoloniality Resonate With Each Other?” The conference will take place from 7 to 10 June 2022, and the call for papers is open until end of January 2022.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Narrowing the Gap beyond Tokenism

In April 2021, James Chibueze’s application for strategic funding to build an array of 4 small (~6m) telescopes for his university was approved. He is in contact with the Chinese company that will build the SKA dishes to assist with this project.

In November 2020, several AEON members featured in the ROUNDTABLE – AFRICAN STUDIES AND 4IR: IN SEARCH OF AN APPROPRIATE ANALYTICAL APPROACH organised by the Research Group on Africa, Philosophy and Digital Technologies (APDiT). We are currently working on a publication. You can see the line up here.

In February 2020, we met for a workshop in Germany. On page 65, the Newsletter of African Studies Bayreuth reported on the activities around the SKA workshop in Bayreuth.

In August 2019, we met for a workshop in Ghana. The report is now out.

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